Thursday, June 8, 2017

Frank Stein - Unfrozen - Short story

By Travis E. Hughes
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When the news broke that the cure for cancer had finally been achieved, Mary Wollen Stein wasn't thinking about her husband who had died so many years before, but instead she thought of her niece Alliah, who would now be saved. But it was a phone call from the Cryonics Institute that reminded her of her obligation. Her husband had achieved great things in his short life. A billionaire by the age of thirty, Frank Stein had ensured his family's legacy for generations to come. But all that money couldn't stop the cancer from taking him at age thirty-seven. It was a family secret, one forged out of embarrassment perhaps, that her husband had made arrangements to be cryogenically frozen in liquid nitrogen just as he was dying, fifty years before. Once the cure was announced, the cryo-lab had set about making several phone calls to families who's loved ones had died from the disease.
Mary made no public announcement. She didn't even tell her children or grandchildren about it. She'd always been skeptical of the whole thing and assumed that instead of being buried or cremated, Frank had simply been frozen, but either way he was long dead and gone. She'd remarried, twice, once divorced and the second left her widowed. She'd seen more life without Frank than with him. She was pleased that her third husband Tom hadn't been frozen.
It took her a few days to respond to the lab, but on a cold rainy morning she made the drive to Boston from Manhattan to be there when they revived her first husband. The place felt very sterile and the acrid stench of chemicals clung to the air as she was ushered through plastic curtains into a large room. A metal tank had been wheeled into the room and a hose drained away the liquid nitrogen, slowly as the body was gradually warmed. Still feeling the shock of anticipation commingling with fear and skepticism, she waited as the body was carefully lifted out of the tank and placed on the table. Several tubes were attached and a blood transfusion pumped the thawing body full of not only fresh blood but mixed in it was the nanotechnology responsible for eating the tumors and the cancer cells.  Seeing Frank there on the table became overwhelming and she threatened to pass out. To what end would this venture take? His body had been preserved at thirty-seven, she was in her late eighties. What was the point of it all? More questions than answers swirled her brain as the procedure continued into the hours.
Finally, well into the night, with only a doctor, a lab tech and two assistants, Mary stood as they set about reviving her long dead husband. "His vitals are good," said the doctor to the tech. "We are waiting consciousness."
And then, in the wee hours of the morning, Frank's eyes blinked and his fingers twitched. His toes curled and his mouth sucked in a deep draught of air. She could feel her limbs tingle and again the threat of passing out washed over her.
"Mr. Stein?" asked the doctor. "Can you hear me?"  Frank eyes blinked open. They were pale and watery. But more than pale, they were dead. Lifeless. Frank slowly looked around the room, a frown of confusion his only expression.
"Can you speak?" asked the doctor. But Frank remained frowning and contemplative.
"Have you done this before?" asked Mary, standing to get a better view.  But the lack of an answer concerned her. "Have you ever revived anyone before? What can we expect here?"
"We have not," the doctor finally said. "You were the first family member to oblige the patient's wishes."
"What place is this?" Frank's former body asked. It was enough to startle everyone in the room, but the one startled the most was Mary. Frank's voice... It wasn't Frank's voice at all. Frank had a slight New York accent, having grown up in Brooklyn. This sounded nearly English.
"What manner of witchcraft do you play at?" Frank asked trying to sit up, but failing due to muscle atrophy. Mary screamed and covered her mouth.
"Who is this man?" she asked finally. "What is your name?"
Frank slowly turned his dead, pale eyes to her. It sent ice shards down her spine.
"I am Emptiness. I am Despair," whispered Frank's mouth in an English accent. Mary screamed and hurried out of the lab and down the long corridor. She wanted to run, but her aging body would no longer allow for that, so she walked as briskly as she could.  She felt her hips pop, bone against raw bone. Once in her car, she looked back at the tall, unassuming building with its grey brick and subtle sign that read; Cryonics Institute. The lights flickered in the windows and then the streetlight snapped off with a spark. Screaming again, she floored her car and missed the turn. Her car careened off the road and down an embankment.
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Thursday, October 6, 2016

For Halloween!


I just figured out one plausible description of Hell. It considers the theory that reincarnation is one part of a complex system that makes up the universe. Which it has also been suggested to be a living organism; a divine being of some kind. Souls are scattered fragments of the previous, pure spirit of the creator. All living organisms must possess some of the tiniest fragments of divinity to live. It’s why wheatgrass has DMT in it. Like raindrops are human souls and water is God, or the Universe itself, which we call God. It’s up to interpretation here. *Please note: The Author tends to take leaps of pure fancy and does not entirely and whole-heartedly believe a word he’s written, however, he is an Optimistic Agnostic, right? So he looks for patterns that are or aren’t there, and he draws lines between them. He’s primarily a fiction writer. Always keep that in mind. 
But back to reincarnation. So here are some rules: Our souls evolved with or along side our physical form. So we climbed the direct bloodline of modern humans. We started out simple and extremely fragmented, perhaps as microbes even. Then we started to cluster back together and form more complex life. So some might ask, where you a rat? No, because that’s not a human ancestor. But we were some similar, tiny rodent like, primate creature crawling around in the trees. We tend to stay close to bloodlines. Like dolphins in pods, we swim upstream along what we perceive to be a linear progression but that’s only how it is shown to us in retrospect. We start out clustering together, drawing into clumps because, even though we aren’t aware yet enough to voice it, we draw power from groups. That’s because we’re all divine and the more divinity we gather, the more divine we become. It’s why we like teams. It’s why we like choirs. It’s why we like parties.
So it could be said that living a physical life is also an important element of the complex system. It’s the exercise to make the muscle stronger. Why? That’s beyond understanding. How? Again… same answer. Patterns are all I see. If you get into the idea that there are multiple universes, then you’re talking a very complex system. The universe itself reincarnates in that case.
So you ask, what about the soul of my dog? What’s he going to do to reach nirvana? Dogs will have their day on another planet or perhaps this one. Technology and human science could advance enough that dogs and dolphins and parrots and pigs are smart enough to reach spiritual enlightenment. All of this is fodder for science fiction, please realize.
But there are times when a planet dies and all the life must travel together as one enormous pod of dolphins toward a new planet with the possibility of being able to sustain life. They work in concord with nature to facilitate conditions conducive with nurturing life intelligent enough to reach nirvana so that basically they can stop being born. They can stop suffering.
Suffering is the key. If it doesn’t burn, then you’re not doing the exercise correctly. Life cycle trials were how souls made it back into the Cosmic Choir. It was an exercise of some kind. Shattering ourselves into fragments and then creating a physical universe for us to enter. It does, at times, feel like a video game.
Another rule: Entire civilizations can and often do reincarnate at the same time. The United States is Ancient Rome, reincarnated.  Ancient Rome is Atlantis, reincarnated. So then, The United States is also Atlantis, reincarnated.  That’s basic logic, people. That’s because we like to clump in our familiar pods. Only the pods have grown over the eons to include entire generations and civilizations.
So think about time passing. Each generation has its heroes, its enlightened ones.  But those reach nirvana eventually. They stop joining the game of life.  So if the purer souls throughout history have already reached nirvana, or heaven or that unpronounceable word the ancient aliens use, that means the only souls still in the game are the shitty ones. The devils and the fiends. So that is how hell is going to play itself out. The only people still around in some distant future are the souls of the evil people who couldn’t reach nirvana. They are the only ones left in the cycle of reincarnation. So each generation gets increasingly worse, because any person who reached enlightenment and is able to help people, stopped being born. So the world is left with shit. And that’s hell. You can die. It’s a physical place. But you just get reborn, again and again. Surrounded by only the worst souls in history: child molesters, former slave masters and serial killers, Caligula, Hitler and Vlad the Impaler. And maybe the rest of us stop paying attention to them struggling and bickering with each other, and because they no longer exist to us, they truly aren’t part of the universe we create next. A new game perhaps, with new rules. And the really foul fiends are not there to mess up our new game. Better for the collective hive or heavenly host, depending. Keep eliminating the weak until they are no longer among us.
But there’ll be plenty a temptation in the new game to draw a few weaker ones astray. Egos rise. Power corrupts.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

On Aliens and Evolution


Arcturus is a fifth dimensional civilization and one of the most advanced extraterrestrial civilizations in our galaxy.

If you’ve read my blog before you may have realized that I support a theory that competes directly with the Ancient Alien Theory in that it recognizes the evidence but sees an alternative explanation. However, I do believe that in the vastness of our universe that not only life but also intelligent life has to have evolved. It has to have. In my theory sentient beings being distributed throughout the universe is crucial to the idea of the universe being a complex system and thoughts and emotions are forms of energy.

In researching a sci-fi screenplay I came across a list of the various alien species that regularly visit earth. This list provided a brief description of each race of alien. It’s quite an extensive list. If anything someone put some real thought and energy into it.

So one thing I found interesting about these various alien species is the fact that they are usually similar to things we find on earth. There are the reptiles and the birds among them. This triggered a thought about evolution and Earth’s history.

Let’s start with the birds. Many ancient cultures claim that the sky people helped them form their societies and build their monuments. The Anunnaki were a major part of Mesopotamian mythology. They were winged creatures that resembled birds.  Among the Egyptian gods there were birdlike beings. The Native Americans also worshipped bird creatures who gave them knowledge and wisdom. We even have the winged angels in our folklore.

Someone said one of the major differences between humans and all the other creatures on earth is the fact that we build things and have technology. This made me think about nests. I began to consider the birds. Birds are extremely intelligent beings.   Watch a Nat-Geo special on crows or parrots and you’ll be amazed. One of the things they do is build nests. But ancient hominids, our pre-humans, also built nests in the trees. These nests become more elaborate as the human evolved, until nests became homes and homes became villages and villages became cities and technology and ideas came together until eventually humans were able to leave the planet earth. As of now, for only short distances, but we can do it; and if we’d spend our resources on exploring space as opposed to building weapons of war, we’d be much further out there now. Birds are the watchers of the forest. They alert everyone of danger. The bird flocks together and works in harmony. They are a more peaceful being than humans. They don’t kill for sport. So here’s my question of the day. What if it happened in the very distant past with birds? A certain species of bird evolved and expanded from building elaborate nests to villages and finally cities and rocket ships?  What if a group of them left earth before a mass extinction took place? But they are still interested in earth because this is where they came from?  What if it’s happened several times throughout the history of Earth? There are the reptilian aliens.  What if they were a small species of dinosaur that evolved and left the planet before the meteor whipped out their cousins? We only know the broad strokes of history and have no clue of the details. It is certainly possible.  Reptiles then gave way to the birds and now its the mammals turn to evolve and leave the planet. Perhaps that instinct is written into the code of the universe? The code is like an instinct. What if life is meant to evolve into intelligence and leave its home planet and mingle with other life until we’re all connected? Then the universe will truly be self-aware.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

On the Cosmic Choir

ON Harmony…

When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.” –(Vlad “The Impaler” Dracula).

Heavy-handed mockery, they all felt insecure. “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” – (Ivan the Terrible). We’re all just swirling eddies, sucking in and spitting out, rolling along the crowded river, pausing to dance for an interval before needing to continue on with the current. It’s about ego versus the collective. It’s about agony and it’s about pain being necessities of life. It’s about swimming in reality’s bone-chilling waters. “Happiness can only come from acceptance.” – (Pol Pot). Disappointment and pain are major parts of life, the sooner we realize this the better we are in dealing with life.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” – (Joseph Stalin). If we really are a collective, spiritual hive, then shouldn’t we contribute? And shouldn’t we listen to those who have? For example, an old man once told me that if I ever owned my own business: “You should only hire smart people, even if they threaten your own intelligence. And when dealing with people you care about, never cut what can’t be untied gracefully.” Thanks anonymous old man.

If there is such a thing as a collective consciousness, then everyone’s ideas belong to everyone else. Right? They’re there to be shared. So thanks, Einstein. And you’re welcome for relativity, everybody else.

When dealing with adversity some people can become very superstitious. Take my proctologist. It just keeps getting weirder and weirder with that guy. I don’t have the heart to tell him I don’t even like ice cream. He thinks it brings good fortune. I think it brings awkwardness. But there we find ourselves, seated across a wrought iron table, in plastic chairs, napkins being held down by stones and drinks, because the breeze threatens to scatter them across the busy road, wondering how in the hell I got myself into this position; the conversation boarders on the absurd and the indecent. Will this end in a fist fight? Life’s good, if you don’t weaken.

Your definition of yourself has drastically changed, recently. What’s the new definition? That, you can’t say. Not yet, anyway. But by the end of the day, in a way, we’re all okay. Who were you before you weakened? Introvert in a clown’s veneer, playing the fool, playing it cool. We constantly gamble on happiness.

Confidence works like the Force. Those who have it are force-wielders able to bend reality to their own will. Someone asked me once if confidence and faith were the same thing. Nope. But maybe I was wrong. I have no confidence left to say. “Indecision is the inkling of fear” – (Caligula).

In all things it is better to hope than to despair.” -  (Idi Amin). But aren’t we all searching for something more? Is anyone really satisfied? Maybe? I’d like to meet a satisfied person and ask them if they haven’t just given up. Then I think about what sorts of things would give me satisfaction. Isn’t the point of life for us to suffer? Suffering is where we find strength and humility. But suffering comes from desire. Desire comes from dissatisfaction. We want to use each other to fill the gaping holes in our own lives. We project traits onto the people we meet, hoping them to be true. They rarely are. We all get caught up in our own fantasies, only to have them destroyed when reality reveals itself. Everyone has weaknesses. Everyone is flawed.

Music is the mediator between spiritual and sensual life.” - (Saddam Hussein). If there is a collective consciousness, it must work like a massive orchestra or choir and you must be able to sing in key if you want to join in. That takes practice and most likely training. Suffering is the training ground. Like a muscle, in order to grow stronger it must be broken down. So if you’re out there somewhere on your own journey, and you’re suffering, well, good for you. If you don’t weaken, you’ll only grow stronger. The Lord said humble thyself in the sight of the Lord. Life is meant to humble us. You can’t sing the solo in every concert, you must be humble and sing your part in harmony with everyone else around you. And remember, “One day is worth a thousand tomorrows.” – (Josef Mengele – aka Angel of Death).

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Money makes the World Go Round!


It’s the root of all evil! Some people know that I HATE money. I truly believe it to be the instrument of all the world’s problems. Greed is destroying our planet right now. Conspiracy theorists point out the satanic symbolism on the dollar bill as proof enough that this is true. They say the devil created money and the material world to enslave humanity. If not the devil then we’ve done it to ourselves. In my last novel I explored a world without money. I really enjoyed going to that world and examining the freedom it provided. 

Religion teaches us that there are two worlds in which humans exist: the material world and the spiritual world, and they are at odds with each other. We can spend our lives trying to attain one or the other, but not both.

The material world is dominated by the idea of the “survival of the fittest” and the strong eat the weak. At the heart of the material world there’s a lie or at least a contrived concept that paper equals power. With money one attains the ability to control the immediate environment as well as the people in that environment. When we only experience the world through our basic, tangible senses we forget the greater truths of life. So many people have given over to the “dark side” of life and are living solely in the material world. People ask upon first meeting someone else, what they do for a living. Why does that define us? External power is the only power one can attain from the material world. External power is not internal power. It is quite the opposite. I’ve suggested we’re on the cusp of a new era in human evolution. We’ll never achieve it when the material world is the world in which the majority live. External power stems from fear. Fear is the tool those with external power use to control others. The more external power one attains the larger influence they can have over their expanding environment, to where someone like Donald Trump wants to control the entire planet; such is his ego. Rex Mundi! Ego lies at the heart of the quest for external power. Ego is a false belief that we are all individuals, living only one lifetime, trying to eek out the most we can from the material world before we’re turned once again into dust. The fear that this might be true keeps even religious people rooted in the material world.

Think about violence. What is at the heart of all violence? The competition to control the external world is what is keeping humanity down and could quite possibly (most likely) lead to our doom. Those with power want to keep that power as long as they can. But the truth is, external power is fleeting and can be lost over night.  

We should be in quest of internal power. What a better place this planet would be if we all were seeking to control our internal worlds? If one were to achieve internal power, one would never lose it. All of humanity’s best intentions stem from the internal world.  Selflessness. I struggle with this, as do most people. I often think of how this will serve me in the long run, whatever “this” may be. It is because we’ve been conditioned to think this way. But in order to start evolving in the right way, we must be conscious of our decisions and our motivations. It comes down to intentions. When we ask ourselves what’s our real intention in doing something, then we begin to step back from the material, sensing world and question things on a higher level. What really matters? What’s really important in the long scheme of things? It’s a simple question that can lead to the right decision. It’s in the ability to step back and see the larger picture that can solve so many problems peacefully. Christians used to say, “What would Jesus do?” Jesus represents the right decision and the proper perspective. Subconsciously we all know what Jesus would do. We just forget to ask that question.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Holy Bible

On The Bible

When someone says to me that the Bible was divinely inspired I answer them by saying everything is divinely inspired; that is if you believe in divinity.

“It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to get into heaven.” What modern readers don’t realize is that ancient walled cities had smaller tunnels called the eye of the needle.  Camels had to be stripped down of all their belongings, or what they were carrying in order to slip through the tunnels.  So instead of it being impossible for a rich man to reach heaven, the rich man needed to be stripped down of his worldly possessions. But this is only one of COUNTLESS misinterpretations we modern readers of the Bible have come to believe.

What are my thoughts on the Bible specifically? Do I find it strange that the Bible has claimed for two thousand years or more that we all hail from one lineage and that there was a first woman and a first man and that this has been recently confirmed by DNA science? How would the ancient Hebrew writers have known that? The religious person answers that God inspired them with the truth. Perhaps so, but not in the way we traditionally think of it going down, with a white bearded God whispering into wise men’s ears. It could have something to do with my earlier post about the Zero-point field; if eternal knowledge is imprinted on the fabric of the universe and is to some extent accessible to those in tune with it.  But I would also add that these men filtered this cosmic knowledge through their own biases, imaginations and cultural contexts. They filled in the gaps that they didn’t understand with their own mythologies.

To deal with the Bible we first must define the Bible. The Bible is a collection of writings authored by mostly anonymous men over hundreds of years, after having been passed down orally for generations before that.  Most of the early books can trace their origins to older civilizations like the Sumerians and the Babylonians.  There is no accurate estimate as to how many books were written in the vain of the biblical books, but this brings us to the political decisions that created the modern Bible.

Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity to unite his empire, though he was still a pagan long after his supposed conversion. But when he took over the faith, he reorganized it.  A pagan took over Christianity and made it a pagan religion in disguise.  A council decided what books should and should not be included in the Bible.  The books that didn’t fall in line with the new direction of the faith were lost to time.  The Romans, still pagans at heart, reformed the church to be designed like the Roman legions and power was given to one man above all, the new Pope.  The theory contends that the pagan gods were actually powerful demons that, some time in the past, appeared to ancient man, created civilization and demanded to be worshipped.  They required blood sacrifice.  That certainly falls in line with demonic ideology. Jesus said that when two or more people are gathered in his name then he is there. That’s because our thoughts and our emotions are physical waves of energy that effect reality. Together large groups of people worshipping anything, feeds that thing with divine power. It’s all about directed energy. Emotions are the most powerful thought waves we produce. That’s why there is a thing called home-team advantage. It’s why momentum is a true phenomenon that can be physically felt.  The demons knew this. They lurked in the shadows after Jesus came to deliver us from their oppression but it only took a few hundred years for them to take back their power. They turned Jesus’ message against itself. It’s why there’s so much hypocrisy in religion.  It’s why things don’t make sense. Why so many religious people come from a place of fear. Not all religious people, granted, but take a look at religious fanatics and there lies real fear inside of them. They own a lot of guns and are scared of their own shadows. They worry that the world is doomed.  But what about faith?  Now Rex Mundi (the king of the material world) still rules from on high. He feeds on our fears and profits from it.

That is not to say that good men haven’t come along and tried to do good things through religion.  The light prevails but against great odds.  And most people who practice religion are trying to do good things and get in touch with God.

But back to the Bible… People who take the Bible word-for-word and completely literally, have no idea how far those words have had to travel and how they’ve had to take on new forms along the way.  From the extensive game of telephone, that is the oral traditions of a wandering people, to being captured in first clay tablets in Babylon, to Aramaic, to then being converted by the early Hebrew writers to fit the culture of the Israelites to then being translated into Greek and later Latin and Middle-English, to finally Modern English.  A lot of what people assume are in the Bible are actually Christian traditions that came later.  Take the idea that Mary, Mother of God, was a virgin.  The text didn’t originally use the word virgin.  In Hebrew the word was almah which means simply a young woman of marrying age.  When it was translated into Greek the word became virgin. Think of how steeped into the mythos of Catholicism the idea that Jesus was of a virgin birth. Now, can it be argued that if she hadn’t been married before she was still a virgin? Sure.  But there are endless examples of the original texts saying one thing and their subsequent translations meaning something slightly different.  The inspiration of the virgin birth comes from Greek and Roman mythology.

Here’s where I think the Bible could be an instrument of positive power. It goes to the faith people put in it.  It’s their faith, or positive emotions being projected toward it that gives it it’s power.  It’s not the holy object that has power; it’s the collective belief in it that does. We are divine, we’ve just forgotten. Were we all to awaken to this fact and actively work together and forget all those things that divide us, then who knows what we could accomplish.  We could banish these demons from this planet all together and live in harmony with each other.  But that will never happen, I’m afraid.  We’re too addicted to fear.  There’s too much money to be made from it.  But who knows? Something to think about, I suppose.

Friday, September 25, 2015

The translation of the Long Lost Writing of a Shaman

On The Long Lost Writings of a Shaman of the Potawatomi Tribe.

Here’s an excerpt from the lost writings of Tecompa Red Foot, that I found buried in my yard last spring.   As translated into English by a professor of Potawatomi Studies who’s name shall remain anonymous for legal reasons.  The ownership of these lost manuscripts still remain in question.  But I felt that the writing was too interesting to allow to be stifled by lawyers.  The professor in question has taken some liberties with some of the terminology, like Atlantis and others, because he is uncertain how else to translate the name of the ancient culture other than Atlantis; as he is certain that is what he is referring to.   Radio carbon dating of the manuscript reveals it to be between 150 to 200 years old. 

And so it was, I ventured into the spirit realm and found my forgotten guide, the elder brother spirit Ra Ott Tov.   I asked him if I were dead. 
He smiled and said, “Death is but one of many possible states.  But this is not the state you’re in.”
Then I knew that I had reached this place while still my body remained unharmed. It was possible, as the great Shaman Occum Black Bear had told me when he taught me the ancient secrets.  He had said one could reach this place while still attached to your earthly vessel, but it took a pure soul and an open heart, and extreme peace of mind.
I had no eyelids to close and so I couldn’t blink.  I surveyed this place.  Bright lights glistened all around me.  I was surrounded by all the colors of nature and then colors I had never seen before.  I have no words for them.   I saw beings in the distance as if across a bridge, the kind built by white men in their cities, curved and ornate.  It was brighter across the bridge.  It appeared to be a garden and there were beings there and they played as small children, giggling and chasing and frolicking.  But I was forbidden to cross the bridge.   I asked Ra who they were.
“They’re from your soul group.  That’s your clan,” he said to me without using his voice, but instead spoke silently to my inner ear.
“My ancestors?” I asked.
“Some of them are, yes.  Some of them have been your brothers and sisters, and some have been your wives and children.  These are the souls that detached from the source together in your earlier state.  When the universe was much younger and closer together.   As your original clump of the divine energy shot away from the explosion that created this universe, you were propelled further into the void and you began to splinter and drift apart into smaller pieces until you became an individual.  Your clan all comes from the same original clump that broke off and flung out into space. You remained together for millions of years, observing the early universe through one collective consciousness. From there you began to explore the universe and search for wonders to report back to the source what you had observed; because the universe can’t exist without observers to bare witness.  We were all just watchers for a billion years.  Content to report what we’d all beheld to the greater knowledge banks of the divine source.  Then there came something that astounded us all.   We called it life.  Some of the smaller fragments of divine energy had found a way to exist in the physical realm. They came from the stars, out of them, transformed from divine energy into usable radiation and heat. 
“It was the larger clumps that had tricked them into using their energy for life.  They wanted to see what would happen.  It mirrored the complex system that makes up the entire universe.  Large powerful clumps of the divine source, that had yet to completely splinter as you had, began to manipulate this life and to direct it and experiment with it.  They had the power to affect the reality of the living dimensions.  This emboldened some of the more powerful clumps and fed their egos, making them large powerful individuals. They severed their connection to the collective love source and sought to become powerful entities with their own freewill.  They marveled at their own creations.   And some were ghastly.  It was all based on the concept of competition for energy.  The strongest and most adaptable survived while the weak were eaten for their energy stores; energy being the same name for the divine source.  In the days of early life, it was some of the smallest, mindless fragments of divine energy that began to inhabit the physical realm. The larger clumps of energy would splinter off tiny fractions of themselves and send them into the living dimensions to see what would happen.  But as life became more complex, larger fragments of the divine energy became entangled. For it takes this divine energy to have life.   And more of this energy concentrated requires larger spirits to inhabit and maintain it.   These became the animal spirits.  Other spirits who had lived and died and were reborn and died again, decided to linger in nature like nymphs and fairies.  Tired of being eaten, they instead chose other paths.  Some were used to inhabit the trees.  But this did not satisfy some of the powerful beings, which had been called the Fallen Ones by the larger clumps that still held their connection to the divine source and served the Will of One.   The Will of One is another name the ancients gave to God.  But the Fallen Ones learned they too could gain power by converting smaller fragments away from the divine and fooling them into worshipping and serving their ways instead.  They use fear and lies and false promises to achieve their means.  And thus evil was harnessed and used as an alternative energy source from the divine; because there is balance in the universe of good and evil.   Dark energy exists and the Fallen Ones have turned to using it, along with the power they gain by feeding off of smaller beings that they have convinced to serve them.  They maintain their power over these smaller beings by keeping them believing that they are alone and they are only tiny individuals.  They feed the egos of these smaller beings.  They keep them distracted and fighting among themselves so that they will not unite.  Once united they will realize their collective power over the Fallen Ones.”  My elder brother spirit guide, Ra, took a moment for me to process this all.  I felt a warm embrace as I floated inside of a large blue sphere some where out in space, as the entire night sky was now surrounding me in all directions.   I need only wave my arms and I floated as if underwater.  But I had no need to breathe. 
“And all of this is being played out in the spirit realm?” I asked finally, returning to his side at the mouth of the gilded bridge.
“And now it has manifested itself into the physical world as well.  But the larger battle is being waged in the spirit dimensions, yes,” he said, holding up his right hand as if making an oath.
“But this battle has been playing out on every world that holds life,” he continued.
“Why?” I asked.
“Because life is the resource they value and hope to control.   So powerful entities are being held in check by powerful deities that still serve the Will of One.  They have placed regulations on these evil ones.   But the Fallen Ones are cunning.  The rules are in place but there are ways around them.  The ones who have chosen to exist in the physical world are the players in their game.  They can open doors for these evil ones to enter. ”
“So there is life throughout the universe?” I asked, looking up into the starry sky.
“Yes and they’re all involved in this spiritual battle.  Each planet is a battle-field.   Because once life became so complex that a spirit that had enough energy to be self-aware and conscious came into being that is when the battle took on a new perspective and that’s when it became possible to rule an entire planet.  When humans arrived on this planet the stage was set for a final confrontation on this planet, between the Fallen Ones and those who serve the Will of One.  Humans were the final experiment of the Will of One, but also the Fallen Ones too saw them as potential.  Humans were going to be the weapons used by both sides for the collective soul of the planet.  The Fallen have closely watched and manipulated human development.  They brought the early humans into contact with another race of being [presumably the Neanderthals] in Europe that was older and wiser.  When these two beings mixed their genes, the newer more evolved human with a brain able to understand more of the secret truths emerged.
“The Fallen Ones appeared to early man and proclaimed to be gods to these more evolved creatures.  They were the ones who first painted their experiences on cave walls and made more complex tools.  The Fallen Ones manipulated the early humans into worshipping them.  Many times the Will of One intervened and drove the Fallen away, but always they returned to wreak havoc. They preyed on human weaknesses and the baser emotions.  They drove wedges between people. They fooled them into worrying about material possessions and power. By then they decided to introduce the humans to civilization and to remove their connection with the natural spirit of the earth.  This had been done on other planets and it had served the Fallen well in the past.  They taught the humans to become specialists and to depend on society so that without society they could no longer exist.   Then all they had to do was control the rulers of this society and they controlled the entire population.   Though the humans always had a choice, but were tricked into making the wrong one.  It was human freewill that the Fallen Ones manipulated.  They made them think they had freewill, but they left them little choices but the ones they had guided them to. 
“A powerful Fallen One, who has had many names throughout time, became the most powerful ruler of Earth and all the other Fallen Ones fell in line behind him. They called him their Master.  He has been called The Devil, Samyaza, etc.  The white men call him Satan and Lucifer.
“He came to be born in the flesh nearly twenty thousand years ago.  This shocked them all.  He retained his powers and came to bring his chosen tribe to rule the planet.  This was done when the ice was still over most of the planet and winter lasted for years on end.  Things were out of balance in those days.   But Satan’s people created a mighty empire and their civilization made many enormous advances.  His civilization was based on the earlier notion that the strongest survive and advance the race.  Satan found a balance between science, logic and reason and removed the spiritual aspect, convincing his people that he was the one true god, while hiding the truth from them.   But from time to time a human would open his heart to the Will of One and try to speak out against Satan but they would be burned alive for heresy.   The civilization of [Atlantis], founded by Satan, came to use science and mathematics to solve many riddles of nature and to advance to great heights.  But the Will of One intervened and sent a comet into the ice above the American North.  The result of the shock sent the earth off of its axis and melted a good deal of ice at once.  The steam rose into the atmosphere and rained down for months, as the melting ice fell into the seas and caused fantastic waves to destroy all the cities across the planet, as by that time the great cities were on the coastlines of the world.  The [Atlanteans] had created a sea-faring civilization and it was destroyed in a matter of days.    The continents were transformed over night and all was lost, save a few pockets of survivors scattered across the planet.   They were left to rebuild and start over.  Many saw it as divine intervention and the gods punishing them for worshipping Satan instead of the Will of One.   They returned to nature and once more were harmonious and at peace.   But of course the Fallen Ones returned to find those they could exploit and manipulate and they found a way to rule over mankind once more by creating new gods for them to worship; these were the gods of the ancients, the pagans.  And once again the Fallen guided mankind back to civilization and to worshipping them as their gods.  And when a prophet would come to speak the truth, the Fallen would manipulate the message and convert it to fall in line with their ways.  This was done when the Romans turned to Christianity and they retained their evil influence over the Christians, and they were once again Satan’s people, perpetrating evil in the name of their church.  And Satan’s people came to our land and stole it from us and murdered our people, all in the name of their faith. The Will of One would never condone the sort of brutality the Christians have perpetrated against our people and all the other people they have enslaved.  They try to convert our people to their faith in the name of saving us from damnation.  I proclaim they are corrupting our children and turning them to evil.